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Insight: Eight ideas to make your leadership event cascadable

By Steve Quah & Andrew Harvey

How do you effectively cascade the key messages from leadership events to the whole organisation? This is one of several issues that Communications Directors have raised with us recently. These and other such topics are described here. But it’s a question that’s been around for years. Just how do you spread the messages from your high-level events across the whole organisation?

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Insight: Six Burning Issues

Six issues keeping Communications Directors awake at night (maybe)

By Steve Quah

Like most creative agencies, we spend a certain amount of our time and our resources looking for new business. So, over the space of a couple of days, we recently met with over 40 Communication Directors at the 2016 Communication Directors’ Forum. Exhausting, but rewarding. And, as the Walrus said to the Carpenter, we could ‘talk of many things.’

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Christmas Heroes

For the 6th year running, Cheerful Twentyfirst is very proud to nominate Help for Heroes as its Christmas charity for 2016.

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Insight: All the World’s a Stage

How theatre influences your events

By Peter MacKenzie Litten

Not so long ago, the term ‘business theatre’ was regularly bandied about in the events sector. Perhaps the phrase was coined to give some added kudos to what clients and production agencies were doing at the time. It always sounded a bit pretentious, that’s for sure.

Whatever the reason, it’s heard less often in conversations these days; even though some events have elements that are pure theatre – especially when actors, dancers and musicians are involved.

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Cheerful Twentyfirst goes 3D!

When Vodafone asked us to create an inspiring opening film for their client event at IMAX Waterloo, we naturally got rather carried away! After all, how could we possibly resist using the amazing big screen projection technology to its absolute maximum?

The answer is, we couldn’t! So we made them a truly awe-inspiring opening film in eye-popping 3D!

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GOLD at EVCOM Live Awards

We are over the moon to win GOLD for Best Finance/Business Event at The EVCOM Live Awards. We significantly raised the bar for the UK final of a prestigious global awards scheme.

In an incredibly competitive category that attracted many high quality entries, we were delighted to pick up the top award on Friday 18th November at fantastic pop-up venue Supernova, Victoria Embankment Gardens.

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