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Insight: All the World’s a Stage

How theatre influences your events

By Peter MacKenzie Litten

Not so long ago, the term ‘business theatre’ was regularly bandied about in the events sector. Perhaps the phrase was coined to give some added kudos to what clients and production agencies were doing at the time. It always sounded a bit pretentious, that’s for sure.

Whatever the reason, it’s heard less often in conversations these days; even though some events have elements that are pure theatre – especially when actors, dancers and musicians are involved.

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Insight: The Power of Wow

By Peter Mackenzie Litten & Steve Quah

‘Distinctive, different, maximum impact.’ That’s what our clients tell us they want.

Many of the live event briefs we receive from clients ask us to help design a conference, brand experience or expo that has the ‘the Wow factor.’ Sometimes they even use those actual words!

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