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Yes we Cannes!

Think Cannes, and you probably think film festival but its been championing other areas of creativity since 1954.

What is it?

Cannes Lions is the world?s biggest festival and awards showcase for the creative communications, marketing, and entertainment industries. Think of it as the Oscar?s of the advertising world, e.g. ?The? creative benchmark!

Five days of talks, workshops, networking and awards for creatives to do business. In 2017, Cannes Lions had 16,000+ attendees, 1,000+ industry speakers, 4,700+ companies represented and 40,000+ ideas exhibited.

That?s a lot of creative talent, business success and new partnerships in the making.

The home of festivals

As well as Cannes Lions the town also plays host to some of the biggest international business markets and major commercial festivals. These include MIPCOM, MIP TV, MIDEM and of course the Cannes Film Festival.

So how can we help you stand out from the Cannes crowd?

At Cannes every brand is competing for client facetime and presence in a very crowded space. Clients require brand activations that create a unique experience to showcase their presence and engagement.

Cannes is a very challenging (sometimes hostile!) environment, especially one in which to produce and deliver large complex events. Cheerful Twentyfirst are one of the most experienced production agencies working in Cannes.

We know what works and what doesn?t and how to deal with the myriad of operational and logistical issues. Most importantly, we know how to help you deliver ? attract new business and engage clients successfully throughout the five-day festival.

How do we do it?

Brand activations in Cannes have numerous challenges: based on our extensive experience we know how to design, build and activate your event. Working with the local authorities, The Mayor?s office (all powerful!), Fire Brigade, Police, Port Authority, Pompier and the exhibition organisers themselves ? the list goes on and on! Cheerful have many years experience, on the ground contacts and a vast network of people who help us deliver.

The Lions and MIPCOM are also about parties and having fun! We work with Microsoft at Cannes and do something brand new for their events every year.

First, we gave them a beach club! Not easy to do in at an event where space is at an absolute premium. The following year we doubled the size of their beach club base and delivered the first double deck, custom built structure on the famous ?Croisette?.

Finally, we produce the icing on the cake ? the famous Microsoft party. It?s been voted the ?Best Party in Cannes? for three years running and has featured world- renowned DJs Mark Ronson, Tiesto and Calvin Harris.

By working with Microsoft on a consistent basis, in just a few years we?ve helped them go from having very little presence to becoming the brand to visit when in Cannes. They have become the ?go to? venue and party, winning IVCA ?Most Effective Event?.

Cannes Lions – Microsoft

The results speak volumes

Microsoft revenue opportunities ramped up 78% year on year and 30% above target. An amazing 92% of visitors said their perception of Microsoft had improved and 82% agreed they were more likely to partner with them in future. It doesn?t end at Cannes Lions, as 82% wanted a follow-up meeting with Microsoft ? that?s a huge amount of potential new business from one event.

Being a big brand isn?t enough at Cannes Lions ? you have to the BEST.

In 2016 our brief was to make the Daily Mail and MailOnline the ?main event? in Cannes. Their Cannes brand activation was the preceding event to a major global marketing campaign so it was critical our event kicked off things off in an effective way.

We worked closely with the local port authorities to identify suitable spaces that would allow us to build The Quayside Lounge and bring in the MailOnline Yacht. We also built a massive revolving ?M? which dominated the festival skyline ? simple but it ensured the whole of Cannes knew where the MailOnline were based. We hosted celebrity guests and a 500-capacity Glitter Bar and helped the Mail provide the best content and media experience and dealt with all the Cannes Lions issues along the way; all problems solved, delivering a seamless and engaging experience.

Cannes Lions 2016 – Daily Mail and Mail Online

The MailOnline impact

It was full marks for The Mail ? 100% of hosted clients said their presence was very impactful, while 100% were also likely to recommend MailOnline events to friends and colleagues. And 90% of colleagues rated MailOnline?s presence as very successful ? for which we feel we can take some of the credit. Press coverage, meanwhile, was valued at $4.2 million (Nielson and TVEyes).

News UK 2017

Last year we worked with News UK who made the brave and decision that its Lions presence wouldn?t actually be in Cannes at all!

We moved the whole show into the hills and took over a historic and beautiful Chateau. It was part business event, part conference and part festival with Ed Sheeran and Fat Boy Slim playing headline sets.

Cannes Lions 2017 – News UK

We?ve worked with the world?s best companies delivering brand activations across one of the biggest and most dynamic creative festivals. To build on this success Cheerful Twentyfirst are now planning to open an office in Cannes. Our new base will allow us to work with clients even more effectively delivering bigger and better events that amaze your audiences!

Cannes is not an easy place to work but when you get it right the results can be transformative to your business.Whether its MIPCOM, Cannes Lions, or the Cannes film festival; they all have their challenges but Cannes is always a great place to spend a few days networking and doing business. Producing successful events and brand activations can make that process much easier and more effective for your business!

Will you be there in 2018? ? See you on the beach!

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