A coffee with Clarissa Jean-Jacques

Welcome back to our agency profile series. Over a fresh coffee, we’re sitting down with our best and brightest to understand more about what drives the creativity in our teams, and what their daily grind looks like.

We loved speaking with our talented Edit Assistant Clarissa Jean-Jacques who shares one of her favourite content projects to date, how our post-production department brings the story to life, and the perfect mantra for a creative approach: process and adapt.

Tell us about your perfect morning brew

I actually don’t drink coffee. When I can I love to start my day off with bubble tea. There’s nothing quite like a peach fruit tea with mango and passionfruit jelly and pearls. It’s so enjoyable in the morning and makes me feel ready to take on the day.

What is your most memorable brand experience or campaign?

My most memorable experience is working on the opening film for a prestigious live awards evening. It was right around the time I joined Cheerful Twentyfirst, and one of the first projects where I saw how content can drive excitement and emotion. I helped our Senior Editor source sound effects that brought the piece to life and once we built the soundscape together, went along to a sound studio for the audio to be properly mixed for maximum quality and impact. 

Seeing and hearing the final work capture the audience in real-time, through clever projection mapping and across six curated LED canvases, was amazing. 

Tell us more about your role

I’m the Edit Assistant/Media Manager for the Moving Image team. I’m directly involved in laying the foundations for the content we produce, working across a multitude of projects to sync up footage, review the rushes, and cut together the initial content edit. 

We work really closely with our clients to tell their stories in the most compelling way. Once we’ve established their narrative, we move the content through our polishing stages to ensure the highest viewing quality for the audience. We’re fortunate to have an experienced post-production team in-house at Cheerful Twentyfirst who appreciate the nuances behind online editing: subtitling, graphic overlays, audio mixing, and colour grading. 

I also help manage the delicate workflow and pipeline of our studio and film projects (take a look at some here). My day might include feeding new material out to freelancers, downloading assets, archiving and restoring projects.  

What are you working on at the moment? 

I’m currently working on a global partner conference for one of our long-standing corporate clients. The event has a mostly virtual audience so we’ve been involved from day one to bring the content to life. There have been around 30+ pieces of moving image content to construct. We’ve delivered everything from VT’s and stings to backdrop content and post-event highlights. It’s been a full team effort with collaboration across all of our departments.      

Do you have a work mantra? What is it?

‘Process and adapt’ is the work mantra that I repeat to myself whenever it seems like things could go south. There is always a way to solve the situation.

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