A coffee with Roser Ramirez


Welcome back to our agency profile series. Over a fresh coffee, we’re sitting down with our best and brightest to understand more about what drives the creativity in our teams, and what their daily grind looks like.

Meet Roser Ramirez, our Technical Production Manager working across some of our biggest agency accounts. Thriving on creative technical production and passionate about putting the planet first, Roser shares why boundaries were built to be pushed.

What can you tell us about your perfect morning brew?
Coffee with frothy milk, made with sustainable coffee and Minor Figures oat milk.

What is your most memorable brand experience or campaign?
I truly believe that synergy between creativity and the brand experience is key to creating something exceptional. One experience that is perfectly imprinted on my mind is from the early days of my career, working on a fundraising event under ‘The Fabulous Fun Fair’ concept.

From carousels to acrobats jumping through the starry sky, the audience was transported to a real-life fantasy tale. We used key moments of surprise and delight to encourage the attendees to interact with the beautiful new world, leaving them astonished with every sensorial explosion. Light installations, magical performances, cheerful music, delicious food and experimental drinks created an extraordinary guest journey. Even after 6 years, I can remember the infinite smiles and joy on the faces of all the attendees. 

Tell us more about your role
As a Technical Production Manager at Cheerful Twentyfirst, I’m in charge of managing and leading the event production elements from start to finish, ensuring a successful event output, and that the audience experience is consistent with the client’s strategy. 

I work very closely with stakeholders from different industries, locally and abroad, to build extensive supplier relationships and find solutions to deliver the brief effectively.

What are you currently working on? 
I’m really enjoying working on one of our global technology accounts. We’re planning an exciting series of short educational sessions delivered through KIT, our integrated platform solution for virtual events. I’m also involved in a global virtual event that goes live at the end of May. 

I’m also a passionate member of the agency sustainability working group. Cheerful Twentyfirst is committed to be ‘more than a statement’ when it comes to sustainable business practice, and we are in the process of implementing some exciting new initiatives, both internally and externally, to drive this priority further.

Who would be your ideal mentor & why? 
My ideal mentor is the renowned show producer and visual designer, Alexandre de Betak. Through inspired lighting strategies, considered installation narratives, and the use of both breathtaking and understated venues, his work results in unrivaled spectacles that are, in themselves, unique works of art and a true inspiration.

Do you have a work mantra? What is it?
Be curious about anything and everything. We shouldn’t be scared to push the boundaries in an attempt to create truly unique work.