Say hello to KIT

Say hello to KIT.

KIT is our (not so secret) bespoke solution that holistically responds to client needs: agency creative, communications strategy and branding, packaged alongside a tried and tested virtual platform offering.

KIT is the perfect host for any webinar, conference, panel discussion, awards evening, or team-building exercise.

Our strategy team work with you to craft an audience journey full of opportunities to learn, connect, play, and impact.

Our award-winning creative, production and technical teams take those insights and build the brand experience. We work in unison to create an unforgettable virtual event that sets brands apart, and stays with your audience long after the final keynote.

98% audience engagement at our October brand event.

We counted 1200 engagements over four hours.
KIT platform statistics, Global Brand Conference, Technology Client October 2020

We mean it when we say online events will never be the same again. KIT’s armory of refined engagement tools addresses specific brand needs while giving users a personalised experience. KIT is safe, scalable, and accessible for audiences anywhere in the world.

Say hello to KIT.

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