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Homes for Success
Unite Students

An ambitious

In one zone, we brought to life the customer experience of life in a Unite Students residence, as we took the audience through the past, present and future of Unite.

Delivered by fast-paced, witty, engaging, multi-media performances; including actors, music, audio, projection, narration and physical sets and props.

In another zone, we supported charismatic internal presenters with quizzes, voting and short, sharp group work; to get this large audience fully engaged with a new service proposition.

High impact visuals and soundscapes of employee and customer testimonials came together to deliver a truly immersive experience within the domed structures.

We have never had a reaction like it for any other event. What you did was make it feel like an intimate event for 1000 people. Colleagues spent time in smaller groups, making connections with each other, talking about what they had seen and feeling engaged with the experience. The sessions were all different

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Telephone number
+44 (0)20 7291 0444

Moray House,
23-31 Great Titchfield Street,
London, W1W 7PA