Brand Playbook: Talking About My Generation

Dramatic differences in generational groups are shaking up marketing communications as we know it.

The lion’s share of our adult population is made up of four distinct segments.

Gen Z, now adults, have a wildly different set of social norms, coping strategies and learning styles to even the generation before them. Millennials are considered lucky if they can get on the property ladder before their 40’s. Generation X are reliving their teenage years as entertainment trends lean into the nostalgia of the 70’s and 80’s. Cost-of-living increases mean Baby Boomers are retiring later, remaining in leadership roles for longer and influencing marketing strategies that impact all generations.

With economic uncertainty looming, marketing communications professionals are under greater scrutiny to build trusted relationships between brands and their target audiences, while making budgets count.

Brand Playbook: Talking About My Generation asks; who is your audience, are you tailoring to their needs, and what opportunities for shared learning, experiences and compatibility still exist?

Research due March 2023.
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