About us

Since the very beginning we have been pushing boundaries. We’re a team of creative warriors who love a bold idea.

Our universal understanding of audience behaviours transform those ideas into impactful experiences that move the needle for our clients.

They call us game changers.

Game changers since 1985

Crafting the brand experience

We have more than 35 years experience in navigating client campaigns. From humble beginnings, our niche in understanding audience behaviour grew as more and more brands searched for new channels to create meaningful and impactful interactions.

We capture audience attention by creating an environment for learning and growth. Through considered narratives, we deploy highly creative, often sensory stimulus that stirs emotion and engages fundamental human behaviours of problem solving, communication and interaction.

We work with clients through every chapter of the campaign. From understanding the narrative, defining the audience and consulting on the strategy, to delivering an end experience that resonates.

Considered & Delivered

Our agency is renowned for communications strategy and audience engagement, producing bold ideas that tie the two together.

It is our strategic, consultative approach that draws our clients back, time and time again.

Strategic Comms

Brand Building
Content Strategy
PR & Messaging
Multi-channel engagement

Production & Events

Virtual & live events
Production & build
Experiential activations
Global event management
Transparent Project Management

Digital Solutions

Online brand spaces
Digital platforms
3D design
AR & VR activations
Virtual networking solutions

Creative & Branding

Brand strategy
Creative storytelling
Event identities
Graphic design and application
Creative campaigns


Film production
Event Videography 
Interview & Training
User-Generated Video

“You made my dreams come true. I couldn’t have imagined a better event.”

Global Event Director, White & Case

Once again, you have worked your miracles to satisfy a challenging brief. All the C21 team have been such a tremendous support for this year’s APM – feedback is universally positive with “Best Ever” being used by so many of the attendees.

Global Head of Internal Comms, Clifford Chance

Every so often, our campaigns yield industry recognition for creativity, innovation & quality.

The agency takes great pride in every nomination as a testament to our dedicated and passionate team. Recently, we have been delighted to receive;

Venue Experience (Silver)
—Campaign Global Experience Awards 2020

Creative Team of the Year
—CN Agency Awards 2020

Innovation Award
—CN Agency Awards 2020

Best Visual Spectacular
—Event Production Awards 2020

Creative Team of the Year
—CN Agency Awards 2019

The warriors behind the work, the pioneers of new ideas.

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