The Rise of Brand Campaigns

Brand campaigns are everywhere. We can bet you’ve seen at least three this morning before you have even poured your first coffee. But why are they taking up primary residence as key assets in a competitive advertising budget, and what makes them so effective?

The creative communications approach produces messaging and assets that centre on emotive brand affiliation. Consumer data shows that audiences are much more likely to invest in and engage with brands that align with personal values, making strategic brand campaigns dynamic tools that can reach and impact audience behaviour faster than any cold caller.

International law firm Clifford Chance tasked us with producing a series of global brand films that championed their diverse workforce and made their equality message known this International Women’s Day.

Cast with Clifford Chance employees, we produced a considered narrative based on real experiences from the not-too-distant past; the challenge of sometimes being the only woman in a room full of men. Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Serena Williams, French women’s rights activists, Pakistani civil war campaigners, daughters, mothers and grandmothers are championed in a raw and telling conversation that promotes the firm’s personality and virtues to an engaged audience.

The series of films offer insight into Clifford Chance values and differentiates the brand in a fragmented Professional Services market, producing huge ROI for our client.

Our experienced team produce award-winning brand campaigns for over fifty clients each year. From strategy, to storyboard, to onsite delivery; we’re with you all the way. What are your brand values?