How Star Wars inspires richer virtual events

A subtle force of affinity links our agency and the world’s biggest franchise. It lies in our approach to building immersive environments that lead to enhanced experiences.

The Mandalorian, the cinematic Star Wars series released via Disney+, has reinvented the process behind creating CGI-heavy set design. A traditional green screen set-up requires a spoonful of imagination on the actors part. For the Mandalorian, the production team created an encompassing high definition LED wall paired with gaming technology. This granted the director the ability to alter the environment and time of day to suit the scene and story.  

The virtual set revolutionised the performances of the actors. They could react to the environment in real time and perform with more authenticity. A sunset on the horizon of a strange planet would be right there in front of them reflecting across props and fellow actors. Their performance was stronger, and the audience benefits. 

It got us thinking about our own agency approach to drawing the most out of our corporate presenters and enriching the audience experience.  

As we all work safely from home, some are finding it more difficult to deliver an engaging content session from their lounge rooms or home office, with all the home distractions and fighting their street for bandwidth.  The presentation experience is critically missing ‘showmode’. It can reflect in the delivery of information, audience retention and overall experience for speaker and viewer alike. Our goal is to facilitate digital engagement events that offer a very different, very positive online experience.  

The presenter experience and audience experience are intrinsically linked. We combine bespoke virtual set design with live show running and in-ear production to offer the same level support for virtual as we do for a live event. This includes speaker coaching, green rooms and prompting, with additional layers of online engagement tools to keep your audience from checking their Instagram feed mid-session. We have access to Covid-safe studio facilities across London for pre-recorded content or live streaming at a higher production value.  The result is a stronger presentation.

While we are no strangers to building large interactive LED screen set pieces (like those used in a galaxy far, far away…) we know these don’t fit inside the average English living room. There are easier ways to achieve a richer audience and presenter experience that suit your budget and reflect your brand.

Simon Baird, Creative Director.