Brand Playbook launches!

Consumable brand insights & business strategy delivered in under 30 minutes. We’re calling them, Brand Playbook sessions.

We are bursting with branded pep, having successfully launched our client insight sessions this week: hello Brand Playbook. Hosted live by our agencies best and brightest, the virtual sessions are an opportunity to share knowledge, dissect changes in the market and deliver key brand strategy as part of a committed agency approach.

Our first session explored Understanding Tomorrow’s Audience. Hannah Luffman and Simon Baird together presented our forecast for how to reach the consumers of the future. They introduced key buying trends alongside monumental shifts in engagement behaviours that are impacting brands, today.

We have developed a new way to add value for our clients. Brand Playbook sessions are an agile platform to speak directly to our market about the things most relevant to them, and support clients in building and adjusting a brand strategy that is optimised for engagement and impact.

Steve Quah, CEO

Brand Playbook sessions will be a quarterly occasion. The sessions are free, though the content is exclusive. Please reach out if you would a recording of this week’s theme: Understanding Tomorrow’s Audience or to join the invite list for our next session, coming November 2020.