Partner Markets Film

Filming & Production

Vodafone was looking for a flagship film that would capture the attention of potential partners and get them invested in joining the Vodafone family. The film needed to celebrate the achievements of Vodafone and its partner markets globally, to peak future partner interest.

Our Approach

Focused on engaging potential partners, we anchored our creative approach in the idea that, whilst solo work can be fulfilling, collaboration gets the best results. To demonstrate the power of working together, we cast a team that has streamlined the art of collaboration, a sports team.

As a global brand, Vodafone’s audience isn’t guaranteed to be native English speaking. For the film to captivate potential partner’s worldwide, we had to ensure the visuals were both communicative and striking. The combination of a group of runners moving in unison, and short snappy emotive captions, clearly delivered the campaign messaging and stimulated global interest for Vodafone’s potential new business.

In summary

Shot over two days in Central London’s Hyde Park, we produced a cinematic film for a global audience. We used the power of Moving Image to deliver a piece of content that didn’t hinge on the viewer understanding every single word of dialogue.

Built around the campaign line “Great Alone, Better Together,” Vodafone’s Partner Markets Film is a powerful piece of content. Presented to potential business partners around the world, it has exceeded all expectations.


Brand storytelling
Communications strategy

Moving Image
Script writing
Story boarding
Sound and lighting
Shoot production
CGI Graphics

Risk assessment
Filming permissions
Production schedule
Budget management